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More torque

Flocap offers superior handling features that doesn’t knock your containers over whilst generating up to 30% more torque than our competitors’ machines.


The Flocap Cap Tightener is semi-automatic. The caps are placed on the container and the thread slightly started and the Flocap Cap Tightener does the rest of the work.

How many bottles per minute can the Flocap machine run at?

We have machines in the field running at approximately 125 bottles per minute.



750ml Bottle and 1 Litre Bottle

2 Litre Bottle

Reflex Nutrient Large Bottle

Mouthwash Style Bottle


5 Litre Canister

Doff Nutri Canister

Face Cream Style Jar

Evo Stik Style Metal Container


Flocap offers two different machines, both of which have the same cap tightening capabilities, but the second is also able to press push-on/snap-on type caps (shower gel type caps) onto containers.

Tamper evident and press-on caps

Tamper Evident Cap

Press On Cap

Lug style caps

300g Doff Ant Powder

1 Litre Doff Plant Food

Trigger sprays and pump dispenser caps

The Flocap Cap Tightener can do trigger sprays and pump dispenser caps, but you would be advised to purchase our optional Trigger Spray Kit.

Trigger sprays

Trigger Spray Bottle

Weedkiller Trigger

Mr Muscle Trigger Spray



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