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Flocap are a manufacturer of inline cap tightening machines designed to tighten screw caps, pump/trigger-spray dispensers and push-on/ snap-on caps onto a large selection of bottles, jars and containers.

We have taken all the best elements of inline cap tightening technology and put them together to provide a machine that outperforms other less well engineered machines that had previously given inline cappers a bad name. Flocap bucks this trend and provides cost effective, reliable and well engineered cap tightening solutions.

The Flocap Cap Tightener

The Flocap Cap Tightener is a well engineered, reliable and cost effective inline cap-tightener and cap-tightener/cap-pressing machine manufactured in the UK with over 200 units presently out in the field.

Our cap tightener reduces the amount of labour required to cap by hand and allows you to utilize your staff in a more constructive area, speeding up your existing production line, which may have been slowed down so that staff could ‘keep up’ when capping by hand.

No change parts

The Flocap Cap Tightener eliminates time consuming change-overs and expensive change parts on your rotary cap tightener by having no change parts and minimal set-up times.

Easy to install

The Flocap Cap Tightener fits over your existing conveyor on its own Stainless steel frame with very little modification to your existing line.


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